Spiders, Ladybugs And Dogs Oh My

The four-footed one has tamed a dragon (well dragonfly) and turned a dinosaur into a pet (okay a stuffed one if you must be precise), yet she is terrified of a small little bug, a ladybug or ladybird to be exact.

I suspect they don’t taste good, perhaps even emit a noxious substance or maybe they bite.  I have no other explanation for why the four-footed one is terrified of these things. She tends to explore her world through paws and mouth.  I know she’s batted these insects around as I’ve watched her do it against my warnings.  And I know she had one in her mouth because I saw her spit it out, much to my revolution.  And fear not for this little bug’s life, for the hardy shell kept it safe in her mouth.

And from this one encounter, too close for her comfort, she now gives all ladybugs/ladybirds a wide space. She sees one in her space and she gets up and moves out of its way.  It isn’t s big deal it just is unusual for her.  I mean she could sit on one of these bugs and kill them and yet she is the one who gives them space.

One of nature’s mysteries I guess is her relationship with these insects.  Another mystery of nature is her insistence in licking spiders.  Normally I’d try to solve the mystery, but I think some things are better left alone.  And spider licking may be one of those things!


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