I had heard, from a friend, that another friend of mine had taken the idea of being an advocate for her child a bit too far.  Apparently this mother has become a helicopter parent that’s hovering a little too close for people to notice the separation between mother and child.

It’s hard to say much about this when I’m not a parent so I just made a few noncommittal noises and was ready to leave things be.  But of course in life there is always something, typically something small, that makes things change.  In this case it was a little something that moved the moment from noncommittal to until.  I was fine with things until I heard that the mother did not feel that I “honored” her child’s “personal need to express emotions” through “verbal dialogue”.

In case you are wondering when mom and child were last visiting me said child felt it was acceptable to tease the four-footed one because “it’s fun” and “I really wanna”.  I do not tolerate teasing or other forms of abuse towards innocent animals.  (Of course I’m also never sure what the four-footed one will do in response so I really do not accept any level of this.)  The child’s response was to immediately try to kick the four-footed one (he missed) and proceed to hit my walls.  Needless to say I was not impressed and told him as much.

I had assumed things were fine after this altercation, but mother decided that her son should be allowed to express his desires and responses in any he saw fit and I was selfish to not allow him this chance.  I should point out the child is ten years old and I know for a fact he knows how to behave.    Mom, without telling me how she felt, decided that I was being neglectful towards her offspring.  I worry for this child’s future because not everything is going to go his way and his mother won’t always be there for him.

For the record, I have never raised my voice or touched this child.  I have never called him names nor made disparaging comments towards him or about him.  Evidently my lack of fully supporting her child is not only disrespectful but dishonourable.  His behavior to my four-footed one is acceptable, which makes me wonder what else will be acceptable in his future.


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