In The Air, High In The Air

While walking the four-footed one lately I have found myself noticing all the beautiful colors gracing our walk.  Flowers are happily competing with each other in riots of color and perfume with no shame or hesitation.

The four-footed one has not allowed the flowers to go unnoticed, any within her reach are thoroughly sniffed.  She doesn’t seem to mind getting pollen on her either, unless it makes her sneeze.  Sneezing is not her favorite thing to do, yet it doesn’t deter her from smelling the flowers.

I’ve also noticed a sudden crop of tree-houses popping up in rapid succession.  I adore tree-houses, and these ones are luxury model tree-houses.  Some of them appear to be mini-versions of various houses in the area.  A few have porches and decks!

Growing up I can’t recall any tree-houses having porches or decks.  Most had hastily tacked ladders to the tree and none of the ones I knew of were weather-proof.  The tree-houses of my childhood are a far cry for one I saw tonight.  This treehouse was sparkling white with blue shutters, a porch, a deck and a tin roof.

I may need a treehouse something along the lines of the one I just described.  Or the one I saw the other day that was done like a red barn.  For th  record I never had a treehouse as a child.  My father didn’t see a need for a treehouse ruining his trees and my mother was not a fan of trees or heights.  Perhaps now it’s time to treat myself to one, provided I can find a tree that supports my needs!


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