Money, Dogs And Shopping or How An Alligator Entered My Life

The four-footed one when on a shopping spree earlier.  She’s normally a saver when it comes to money, but now and then she just has to have something and so she allows a little money to leave her possession.

I know it seems odd, a dog who saves money, but she doesn’t just do that, she finds her own.  Shed probably make money if people would pay her, but as it is, she finds dropped money on the ground.  She promptly picks this money up and basically spits it out at us in return for a treat, also known as trade.  Her found money is put away until she has enough for a special shopping day.

Some people tell me that her treat she earns when I ask her trade is her payment, but trade is basically what we do with her to get her to drop anything she can’t eat.  Trade started when she found a big clod of dirt she was going to consume, I offered her the trade of two whole pieces of her kibble in return for the dirt.  Since she’s food motivated this worked well and has continued to work when she simply cannot heed the command to leave something alone.

Her latest shopping spree ended in the acquisition of hair products, well okay coat conditioner and waterless shampoo as well as trade items, and her special purchase which is a small yet durable alligator.  She seems smitten with the alligator taking it with her everywhere she can and trying to sneak it into place it isn’t allowed such as her little pool.  Now I know some of you are thinking she’s a smart dog, and she is, I mean she knows alligators require water.  It’s just that her alligator is of the plush variety.  You know, the kind that doesn’t need water or feeding and in return won’t basically kill you and then consume you.

Because she can go into this store she gets to pick out her special purchase, typically this is the one I got she finds that she refuses to give up.  Thankfully the store we go to doesn’t have that many things at her level and I’m extra thankful that what is at her level is affordable and not always of the food variety.


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