A Walk On The Annoying Side

Friends I must confess I’m getting a wee bit annoyed these days.  It has to do with walking the four-footed one.  I’m not annoyed at walking her, although the extra long sniff sessions can be a bit tedious.

No friends I’m annoyed when I walk her with Beloved.  I don’t think the man can walk for a solid minute without telling her to “come”, “let’s go” or “pick your nose up”.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve asked her to come if she’s been sniffing for a prolonged period of time.  I just don’t ay it every minute.

I’ve tried to bite my tongue, but the more we walk her together and the longer the walk I find it harder to not say something.  And the worst part is, the more he says it the more impatient his tine gets.  Walking is no longer pleasurable and it is impossible to have a conversation with him because he is constantly telling the dog something.

In an effort to keep the peace, I’ve tried taking her on a walk alone, Beloved just invites himself and with him comes all those continuous comments.  It’s like walking with a tape that is set on repeat.  If I find this annoying heaven only knows what the four-footed one thinks or feels about this.  I think Beloved and I are lucky she doesn’t speak, at least not human language at any rate.


2 thoughts on “A Walk On The Annoying Side

  1. Haha! I’ve been there. My dad does the same thing when we walk our dog. You should just explain to him that the dog walking is your and your dogs thing. Honesty and a little understanding can fix this. 🙂 Cheers! And check out my blog if you can, I recently wrote a post about the difficulties of owning a pup. Thank you!

    • Ha I wish it were that simple. We have talked about how continuous commands are not good for the dog. I’m thinking that going forward I may have to correct him the way he corrects the dog! 😊

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