A funny thing keeps happening with my devices.  Their batteries seem to be running down very quickly, or perhaps it’s my expectations of my battery-life in my devices.  I realize that charging them isn’t really that big of a deal, but I swear when these need to be charged it tends to be at the most inconvenient of times!

And if you happen to be like me, you have to untangle the various cords for each device before you can charge them.  Now I’m not too proud to admit this but I’ve left the cords all tangled at times and just worked with the tangled mess as it is because when a device needs charging it needs charging!

Can someone please plain to me why my devices drain down so quickly (I don’t have apps running in the background and brightness etc. is turned way down) while this charging process takes forever?  Is it just an illusion of sorts?  I realize my devices are on for a fair amount of time, but seriously dear friends why can’t they just always be charged?

Speaking of charging, my coffee isn’t keeping me as charged see days either.  It’s the days of the great drain I guess, at least in my world.


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