Some Days

Some days I’m pretty sure I’m my own worst enemy.  Some days I’m sure I’d leave without my head if it wasn’t attached to the rest of me.  Heck there are days that even though my head is attached it’s really just along for the ride so it might just as well not be attached.

Today was one of those some days…only this time it didn’t involve my head so much as my feet.  Well I guess my head is somewhat involved in that my memory failed me and it resulted in a case of unhappy feet.  Unhappy feet because they spent al day in shoes I normally reserve for when I need to be dressed all fancy like, not walking on cobblestones and pavement.

I realized my mistake shortly after my first few hundred feet on the cobblestones.  But hey I’m tough and so I decided I could tough it out.  Again my head is to blame for this because I decided that despite what my feet were telling me, my brain knew I could manage this for the day.

Fast forward to the end of the day when my feet absolutely hate me and my head, well my head has finally realized the smart thing to do is grab the required shoes for tomorrow now while I still remember what I want to do. Hopefully tomorrow will be one of those some days where everything goes well, almost according to plan!


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