Retreating From A Getaway

It all started innocently enough just a fleeting idea of places that would offer us a chance to retreat from daily life.  There were cabins in the mountains to consider, a treehouse in near-rainforest locations not to mention a chance to rent an old farmhouse.  We have done the whole cabin the mountains thing a few times and tried the rainforest treehouse twice (it has limited contact with things like the internet so we struggled) and we just couldn’t find ourselves knowing what to do in an old farmhouse on endless tracts of farmland.  The truth is neither of us have the slightest notion of how to enough the stillness of farmland and we’d both be seeing animals to turn into pets.

While bouncing ideas around Beloved mentioned lighthouses.  We had talked about these before.  Beloved is currently rather taken with the idea of paying to do lighthouse work in a working lighthouse.  (I am not nearly as taken with the idea of paying to have a working vacation.)  I think he has selectively forgotten the small little fact that lighthouses have oodles of stairs. Usually narrow and spiralling.  Up and down, down and up one must travel for various duties.  Duties he’d be paying to partake in.

He has tried his hand at a lighthouse before.  He enjoys the solitude of the area, loves how it’s just him and the water provided the weather isn’t too bad. So it seemed like an ideal place, until I mentioned that tiny little fact he forgot, stairs.  And so the lighthouse gleam in his eyes dimmed a little and he cast about looking for another place to get away from things.

Currently he is considering the merits of arid heat (he won’t seriously do it for there is not enough ice to keep him from melting, the boy who played in the North Sea).   The other strong contender is a houseboat (playing in the North Sea is not the same as, well, having to navigate the boat etc.).

I’m all for getting away from it all and some of the mad crush of humanity that surrounds us.  But I also know that getting away doesn’t mean going into complete isolation.  Not unless we plan on bringing a lot of foodstuff with us and hope we have no need for medical help.  Besides neither of us can survive if it comes to trapping or gathering our own food or finding fresh water.  And let’s face it the ability to light a fireplace or fire pit is not exactly the same as making fire with flint or rubbing two sticks together.

I have a feeling I will need a getaway from the casting about of ideas for our getaway at this rate!



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