Out Of Water

Beloved brought in a whale, or perhaps a rather large dolphin.  I am sure I will figure it out once I actually see it in the water.  Right now it’s sitting on the owl with an octopus draped casually across it’s back.  Currently all three animals are resting in the sun up against the ivy covered rocks.  I am not sure what exactly sure what the trigger is for the water to fill up the depression which is supposed to become a water feature.

No I have not gone mad nor have my medications affected me, this lovely vision is courtesy of me musing about a mermaid.  A pottery mermaid to be exact.  One for in the garden.  Apparently she needs friends and water, or at least that’s the train of Beloved”s thoughts.

Me, well I was just debating bringing her home (I’d pay for her of course) and placing her in a nice area in the garden.   Suddenly he’s got rocks going and making a pit and looking at pumps and such for a pond.  A pond he planned with a feature rock for the mermaid smack in the middle of the water.

The whale and octopus are for in the water and the owl is from a previous trip.  The owl used to proudly watch over the tall grasses, but he was moved to sit near the lilies and serve as a resting place for the other two.  I should probably tell you the other two are inflatable, because of course a garden pond screams inflatable toys required.

So I currently have a shallow pit (well not too shallow) where a juniper used to live (it didn’t survive the odd winter) and near by two inflatable toys.  A pump is currently sitting on a small side table in the shed and well the mermaid, she’s still on the shelf.



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