Too Hard,Too Iffy, Never Too Easy

Some days are easy like a nice summer breezy.  Some days are hard like the rough ground in a dried-out, abandoned yard.  And some days are in between.  The trick is to ride the breezy day as long as you to help sail across some of that hard ground as you move towards another gentle breeze.

If you have a chronic illness you may have just read that last paragraphs and rolled your eyes (I heard eyes roll!) and thought “easy to say” or “excuse me, there hasn’t been a breeze this way in a long time”.  I get it, I really do.  Hey, I have a chronic illness too and have to cope with this as well.  And I do understand that sometimes no matter what you do, or don’t do in the case of resting, there is just a lot of hard ground in front of you.

On the in between days I’ve started to most a little more attention to my diet, exercise and rest.  Okay so it’s a bit more than just paying attention; I’ve been keeping track of all the details in hope that I will find a key that keeps me in the path to the easy days.  So far the data I have looks like a pile of tangled spaghetti.

Not being educated with a medical degree, I have also shared al this data with my specialists.  Soemtimes what appears to be a tangled mess of spaghetti makes perfect sense if you just know what you really happen to be looking at.  To date it appears none of my specialists can read the spaghetti.

I suppose I could just drop is and ride the currents of the river known as lupus, but I have this weird thing about being in control or at least being able to read the direction I’m headed down. So I will continue to gather data, continue to work on moving away from the hard and over to the easy.  If any of you already have some tips or tricks for making this work, please let me know!


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