Breaking The Habit

Growing up my mother didn’t believe in buying shirts with cartoon characters and such on them.  It had a lot of solid and light prints shirts because they were practical and allowed for more mixing and matching with my pants.  My father was also involved in this unadorned movement in the household as he used to complain about paying for the shirt and then basically paying to advertise Bugs Bunny when it should be the other way around.

This had become a custom which in turn became a habit, I bought solid colors or the odd prints shirt, but never anything with sayings or images on them.  I reasoned it allows for grater flexibility with my wardrobe, which happened to be mostly jeans, but hey its the  thought that counts!  I have a whole group of friends who, when they see me out and about with a more colorful shirt, one with bigger and bolder prints or perhaps others embellishments still seem shocked now and then. In all fairness for a great hibernate of years I just didn’t break from my habit.  At least not when I was out in public!

At some point I gave in to having different looks and acquired shirts with bigger patterns, more color and yes even images or slogans on them.  In fact my all time favorite shirt features the words ‘coffee’ ‘enjoy’ and ‘break’ along with images of coffee in cups.  And some of the coffee has swirls of steam rising from them, complete with little sparkles.  I know, its shocking for some people to see me in this shirt!

I have gotten to the point right now in life where I don’t worry too much about what is on my shirt, yes even when I’m out in public, so the other day when a lady stopped me in the store to ask where I got my shirt from,  had to look down and see which shirt I was wearing.  It turns out it was one of my lupus awareness shirts, featuring  three monkeys, one covering its ears another covering its mouth and e third covering its eyes with the slogan hear no lupus, speak no lupus see no lupus.  As the shirt was a gift I have no idea which store it came from, but m sure it could be found nine and so that’s what I told the lady.

this interaction reminded  me how much has changed, from my shirts to publicly displaying my health issues (I used to keep lupus a secret sharing only with a few friends what going on and even then glossing over it).  I’ve become comfortable or at least more so than I was before with myself and I don’t need to hide my lupus behind solid colored shirts etc.  Besides quirky shirts to with my pants comfortably!


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