Elementally Big And Small

Somewhere out in the vast deep ocean, Beloved was a mere blob of humanity.  He wanted to try scuba diving and the opportunity presented itself.  We were certainly in the right area for it and there were a number of places to pick from.

He chose to get some lessons from a well-known school and then go out with one of their instinct ours after he had learned the basics and felt comfortable.  I had decided that land was more my thing, a comfortable hammock to be exact. Time spent with a book, a nice drink and a cooling breeze.  If Beloved wanted to be a mere blob of humanity in the vast ocean along with his instructor that was his choice.

He told me later, after he had slowed down from the whole experience, that he had never felt so small as he did when he was in the water. He said it wasn’t just the size of some of the Rays and such swimming with them that made him feel small.  It was the complete waterscape, just water everywhere.  He felt, he said, as if he were a mere speck bobbing along in the current.  Of course he also said at one point he felt as if he were shark bait so there is that to keep in mind.

I didn’t feel small in the hammock reading my book.  I felt content and peaceful, but not small.  I suppose though if I wandered away from the house into the tangle of vines and trees I too would have felt small.  Nature, after all, has a way of putting things into perspective for us. We are small, we are only one being.  We do however have the ability to make a small or large impact as simply one being.  Of enough single beings make the same choices to lead to the same impacts they can go from being small to an incredibly huge scale.  No matter how big or small I feel, I’d just as soon not be shark bait, or human sushi for some wild cat.


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