Of Routines And Dogs

The four-footed one has changed up her routine.  Not because of anything  we have done, this is all her.  Unfortunately the routine she is altering up is her pre-bedtime routine.  We use to have calm time before we went to bed.

Now we have insane wild time and then impossible tasks such as settling down for sleep.  Instead the bedroom has become a play place and bed seems to be where we go crazy rather than find a comfortable place to flop down and sleep.

Speaking of sleep, who needs a rooster with the four-footed one around.  She has decided getting up an hour before sunrise is ideal.  And as for falling asleep, let’s not do that before midnight.  Of course she naps during the day and for whatever while she is a light sleeper at night, during the day a bomb could go off and it wouldn’t wake her up.

She will, no doubt, change this routine again.  Hopefully soon.  And hopefully back to sleeping during the night because there is only so much you can ignore when it comes to being smacked with a paw before you have to get out of bed and deal with it.  And once you get out of bed for some reason she thinks this means chase throughout the house.

How on earth do parents deal with messed up baby sleeping patterns for months on end? And the four-footed one is only one small dog.



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