I Worry About Charlie’s Mom or The Eyes Say It All

Charlie is three, not a little baby, but a big three year old.    I know this because  he proudly informed the whole waiting room of this important fact when he walked through the door.

Charlie’s mom may never get her eyeballs back down where they belong again if our meeting of Charlie is anything to go by.  From the moment they came into the doctor’s office until his mom went into the office with Charlie’s baby sister her eyes kept rolling to the top of her head.  How she didn’t get dizzy was beyond me.

Naturally Charlie decided the best place to sit was beside Beloved, perhaps because he was the only other male in the waiting room or maybe because it was the chair closest to the magazines.  More on the magazines in a moment.

Charlie managed to get himself up into the chair with no assistance although he had to turn around once he got both of his knees on the seat.  Beloved had a bemused look on his face the whole time he was watching this wee contortionist.  Charlie’s mother seemed relieved he had found a place to sit down while she checked in at the desk.

Apparently the baby sister was in for a check up and poor Charlie had to come along to keep her company.  Charlie told Beloved he would have sooner stayed home with the dog, but mommy said he had to come.  Beloved nodded in agreement and asked Charlie about his dog.

When the time came for Charlie’s sister to go in, Charlie informed his mother that he would stay in the chair so she told him not to talk to strangers or to touch anything.  He gave her the thumbs up and proceeded to find a nice fashion magazine the minute she walked away.  He spent a few minutes flipping through the magazine, frowning as he went along before he turned to Beloved and asked if he had a pen.

Now Beloved had heard the rules, no talking to strangers (although by this time Charlie was Beloved’s new friend) or touching anything.  Naturally Beloved asked Charlie why he needed a pen to which came the reply “to help these ladies!  They need moustaches!”

Thankfully Beloved did not have a pen and no one else seemed to produce one for him so it would seem that the new magazine would be spared some enhancements.  And yet, from somewhere Charlie found a red pen.  Not his ideal color he told Beloved, but it would do in a pinch.

When Beloved asked what the ideal color might be, Charlie looked at him and said “you heard the rules, no talking to strangers and no touching anything” in a stern voice.  He may have waged a finger at Beloved as well, I’m not sure because I had to turn away or I’d be bursting out laughing.

Just as the forms we were waiting for came back filled out, Charlie’s mother came back with the baby and asked if Charlie had behaved.  Charlie gave her this beautiful smile and said yes, but he did have to remind that man (pointing at Beloved) of the rules because he clearly was not listening. Mom’s eyes went all the way up as her face turned red and she mumbled an apology to Beloved.  Charlie was not impressed, mostly because he was showing off his enhancements to the models in the magazine…flamboyant moustachs on made up faced and triangle like cat ears in perfectly styled hair.

I’m not sure how mom was able to see her way out the door or to the car given how far her eyes had rolled up when she saw the art work.  At least the enhancements were somewhat stylish!


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