New Friends

The four-footed one made a new friend today.  I’m not sure if her new friend was as excited about their initial meeting as she was, but they seem fine now.  They have walked through the yard together, curled up on her outdoor bed to have a nap and both have even tried to enter the house a few times.

I’m not a big fan of her new friend.  I’m trying to be open, but it’s a bit hard to take in that my sweet little dog who can sometimes be a bit of a devil has become such good friends with a spider.  Yep a spider.  You know the creatures with 8 legs and tons of eyes?  The ones that spin webs and wrap their meals up before slurping down all that delicious goo that used to be flies?  Yep that’s my sweet, four-footed companion’s new friend.

The four-footed one has been exploring various parts of the garden each day and she finally found the area by the flower shed.  It’s an area I’m not prone to visit much due to the size and quantity of said spiders in the area.  When she  wandered back there I was sure she’d come running out quickly as there isn’t really anything to play with.  Except she found something…a spider the size of my thumbnail.

At first she batted the poor spider around for a bit.  Then she tried to carry it in her mouth which resulted in her spitting it out again.  At this point the poor spider probably sought refuge in her fur.  She didn’t seem to mind as she went off on her adventures throughout the garden.

When she curled up on her bed I notice it was in her fur so naturally I asked Beloved to help remove the spider. He proceeded to try and pick the spider up with chopsticks, but really all he did was make it go further along her body, using fur as protection.

Naturally she wanted in the house at some point and that was well not oe thing we were comfortable with.  This is an outdoor spider so it needs to stay outdoors.  No amount of shaking seemed to dislodge he four-food one’s new friend.  So what’s a family to do?

We opted to wash her friend out of her fur.  The spider was not harmed by this process (no I’m jot just saying that, I watched it walk away) and the dog became clean.  After being indoors for a bit, someone decided she needed to go outside.  To find her multi-legged friend.  I have a feeling Beloved and  are going to have to accept this unusual relationship.


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