Sounds Of Summer Readiness

Summer is almost officially upon us where I’m living.  That means warm weather, bright sun, lots of being drinking and dining al fresco.  It means wonderful flowers and amazing storms.  It means children out of school and having fun.  It also means the incessant droning of lawn mowers, edgers, leaf blowers, sanders and construction.  These noises are from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening as long as the weather stays decent.  Day in and day out.

My neighbourhood has decided to get an early jump on the sounds of summer, from loader music to sanders running four hours at a go (decks being fixed etc.) and sometimes you can’t even hear the birds for everything else. I wouldn’t mind, honestly, if there was a little less of the noise and more of silence.  Today has been one sander after another being used on a deck a few houses up from mine.  The sanders are accompanied by the random banging of hammers against wood.  For background noise I have a little loader running back and forth in the alley delivering dirt and dropping it in piles.

i understand people want to get everything done so they can enjoy their summer outside.  I get it and confess to being guilty of the whole lawn mower and edger cycle.  But can we all relax a little.  Summer is longer than a week so let’s enjoy all of it from bird song to lovely sunshine, children on their bikes to the distant hum of a lawn mower now and then.  Let’s just not make it an all day every day noise battle!


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