I Am That Woman, Thank Heavens

I have become that woman, the one who has a swimming pool for her four-footed companion.  I figure it’s just a matter of time before she gets a chair at our table.  I mean she already has a few car seats, different styles for different types of trips.  And let’s not forget the multitude of dog beds that make appearances in various rooms in my house.

I’ve always considered my pet to be a part of the family, and to that end said pet has always lived in the house with me.  And yes of course the four-footed ones n my life have been, well let’s be candid here, spoiled.

I just never thought I’d become that woman who goes out of her way to pick up things like pools and floating toys for said pool.  That was the errand for the day, in case you are wondering, floating toys for the dog’s pool.  Not buying groceries for the meals of the day, not even to pick up a much-needed new pair of shoes.  Nope, just stopping of fun to the pet store for the dog.  Because I have become that woman!  (For the record,  I’m perfectly fine with being this woman, after all my four-footed is the apple of my eye and full of unconditional love!  And you cannot put a price on that!)


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