Walking The Dog or Crossing The Road For The Chicken

My four-footed companion and I were out enjoying the early morning sunlight during our first meander of the day.  There were plenty of birds to keep us company as we made our way wherever my companion’s nose decided was best to visit.  In other words this morning she got to choose the path we would take.

While these types of walks mean not knowing exactly how far we will travel, they hold the promise of new sights and adventures.  This morning’s meandering had us crossing paths with a group of young kittens, some bunnies and a chicken.  The four-footed one loves bunnies, or should I say she likes to race them.  The kittens received a curious sniff or two and then she was on her way.  (She had a less-than-pleasant experience with a cat a month ago in that the cat took a swipe at her.)  As for the chicken, she wasn’t sure what to make of it since it was her first chicken and did not behave like any of the other birds she has met.

We spent five minutes just staring at the chicken before deciding we would invite it to play by getting down low on the ground with our rump in the air.  When I say we I mean my four-footed companion.  For the record I do not get down low on the ground and raise my rump as an invitation to play.  Not ever.  Besides I wasn’t really sure I don’t no what ow to play with the chicken.  Thankfully the chicken just walked away from our invitation and spared me from having to chase the chicken in the run.

This got me to thinking what would my four-footed friend do if she caught a chicken or other bird?  If it is anything like what she does with her stuffed toys the poor thing would have a concussion from being violent shaken about.  And the chicken would be wet, soaked in puppy saliva because that’s what happens when she’s playing with her toys.  Then I’d have to try to fluff up and dry this poor, traumatized chicken and put it back to a safe place.

Maybe tomorrow I will choose a path less exciting least we catch a chicken!


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