In The Garden

While sitting in the garden trying to feel somewhat rested after a long, sleepless night, I managed to enjoy some of the glorious perfume from the flowers all around.  A light breeze picked up the lovely scent of the neighbor’s lilacs and then when the breeze shifted I was treated to the smell from a different neighbor’s flowering shrubbery.

My four-footed companion had decided that since we were sitting in the shade with all the flowers which is isn’t supposed to walk in or chew upon, the best plan was to catch up on her missing sleep.  She’s a light sleeper so at the best of times she’s up on and off throughout the night, with me up in pain and feeling unwell she got no sleep and was going to take full advantage of every opportunity she could to catch up.  Given that she also wasn’t going to leave my side this meant sleeping in the garden right near my feet.

I noticed that the lawn needed cut and tidied up.  I also took in how the winds had blown petals and not what into all the little crevices and corners, something that in the past I’d make quick work of with a proper sweeping.  But today I could only take in the sights and make a mental note which I hoped would stick in my memory until I felt I could get around to taking care of everything.

One of my new neighbor’s commented on how it just be nice to just have a lazy day and ignore the yard work.  Now we all like relaxed days once and awhile.  When the weather is good and there is no schedule to keep who wants to be faced with  list that never seem seems to end of chores that need completing?

I suppose I could have explained my situation to this neighbor but the truth is I didn’t feel like having a discussion about how my health had limited the amount of energy I have.  I could have come out and told this person I have an invisible illness, or even said I had lupus, but I was too tired for all of that.  So I simply said that now and then it’s nice to just enjoy things as nature presents them to you.  Nature brings us all sorts of gifts and too often I am to our use to notice or feel I need to perfect that which nature has provided for me.  I forget that not everything needs to be neat and tidy.   I guess if you were to ask I’d tell you it is one of the lessons lupus has taught me and continues to remind me…take time just enjoy the sights and smell so a they are provided because nature perfects things in nature’s own way.


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