How Do You Eat On A Patio…With Lupus

I used to love patio eating (no not eating a patio, but eating on one!) at quaint little cafes because you can enjoy good food with great company and not have to worry about doing the cooking, the dishes or deal g with bugs.  I am dying to know the secret that these places have which makes it seem bug free because when I eat outside at home it’s pretty much bug central!

Notice how I said I used to enjoy patio eating?  The thing is, I’m no longer fond of it because the last few times resulted in a little too much sun.  And too much sun mixes a little too well with lupus with the end result being a phenomenal lupus flare.  Perhaps if I were into admiring lupus flares I’d be amazed at how strong and long-lasting they can become.  As a lupus warrior, I’m not as impressed by them and try to avoid them by staying in the shade.

And here lies the rub with eating on patios, they tend to be situated for maximum sun.  For most people this is a wonderful thing which leaves them clamouring for more eating on the patio.  And when I’m out with some people they don’t realize that the last place that’s ideal for me is the patio so my voice is silenced or ignored.  I’m left with two choices, grin and bear it while hoping for the best outcome which is minimal sun exposure, or make some excuse to leave and not deal with sun.  Neither of these are ideal.  After all e years I’ve battled with lupus you would think I had a better handle on this, but alas I do not.  And until I do I think I will continue to cringe when I see eateries with patios.


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