Bloody Vampires…or Lupus And Needlework

I’m always torn this time of year; I love all the colours and smells as nature uncurls her beauty, but I dread certain things.  Mostly what I dread are the stinging flying insects as well as the bloodsuckers that seem impossible to avoid.  And this time of year I must deal  those suddenly alive and very hungry mosquito  mommies as well as what seems like a lab sheet of required blood work that’s several miles long.

I can at least protect myself from the insects that seek my blood, unfortunately for health reasons I cannot avoid the lovely folks who let my blood for various lab tests.  It’s part of the deal I made when I started treatment  for my lupus.

Well to be completely fair and honest, had I know how much blood I’d be donating for lab tests and such I may have hesitated a little more about my treatment.  I’m not a fan of needless and yet lupus have meant more needles than I had ever thought possible.

I have needles for blood draws, needles for treatment, needles for tests and on and on he list goes.  I call myself a human pincushion at times.  And yes I do call my Phlebotomists vampires.  Hey you have to find fun where you can at times because laughter helps.

Now I just wish the mosquitoes would get the message that I’ve already donated my annual supply of blood.


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