How Lupus Colors My Life

My favorite color is not blue.  I also have never called red nor purple my favorite colors.  It’s not that I hate them, they just don’t happen to be my favorite colors.  You’d never know it though by the way my body behaves.

Typically my fingers/hands and feet will be blue or purple when I’m mildly cold.  My hands and feet, during these times, are not mildly cold, they are freezing cold.  As a matter of fact if I place my hand in a freezer for a few seconds on a hot summer day, my hand will remain freezer cold and purple or blue for hours.

My hands and feet will turn brilliant red if I get too warm.  (This isn’t all that common for the record.). When my hands and feet are brilliant red they are also swollen and itchy.

Both the turning blue or purple and the redness are courtesy of a condition known as Raynaud’s.  In my case Raynaud’s was a secondary bit of fun that came along with lupus.

Lupus also adds color to my life, well body through purples and reds.  My charming butterfly rash, when present, gives me red cheeks.  Lupus, when attacking my joints, will turn them a puffy red mess.  As for the purple, well I seem to bruise easily with lupus.

So you see it’s rather interesting that my body thinks that red, purple and blue are my favorite colors.  Granted if my body were to display my favorite color I’m pretty sure I’d end up quarantined!


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