Hey There Sunshine

When I was growing up we had a neighbor who spent every moment she could in the warm sunshine with as much skin exposed to the sun as possible. The minute it was warm enough she’d be sunbathing top-less for hours on end until she reached a golden color I related to well cooked French fries! ūüėä

I myself did not sunbathe as per say, but I also wasn’t afraid of the sun. ¬†I would acquire a decent tan from playing outside regardless of how many layers of sunscreen my mother slathered on me. ¬†I’m pretty sure I simply out-wore the sunscreen during that time, nothing deliberate and no thought of getting a tan.

After getting diagnosed with lupus and being placed on a variety of medication which made me sensitive to the sun I tend to avoid bright sunlight as if it were the plague.  This means that I am starting to match Beloved glowing white color.  No, actually what it means is that I never go anywhere without wearing sunscreen and having the stuff with me at all times.  It also means wearing sun protective clothing with long sleeves and legs.  And yes a rather large hat.

I didn’t start my lupus journey with such avoidance skills. ¬†As a matter of fact I flaunted my exposure to the sun, because what could really happen? ¬†In case you are wondering what could really happen is that my hands and feet were swollen to twice their normal size. ¬†My skin was sensitive, itchy and a blotchy reddish-purple color. ¬†And yes friends, this had to happen more than once before I clued in that the sun and I have a different relationship.

Now id like to say that since those days I’ve never had a run in with the sun again, but there have been the odd times when it starts off overcast and somehow while I out walking or whatever the sun plays peek-a-boo and I get caught not exactly prepared. ¬†Thankfully those times are very rare. ¬†Also thankfully I don’t run and hide from the sun either. ¬†We just have a different relationship now as I said before, and I still enjoy it in different ways.


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