The Lupus Playground

Besides playing on swings, when I wash kid I loved going on slides (I loved climbing up the slide after going down as fast as I could) and going on the merry-go-round.  I could spend hours on these fun pieces of equipment, which I guess is a good thing considering as I got older I developed lupus.

I know that might seem odd to some people, I mean what does fun on the playground have to do with a serious, chronic illness.  However if you let me explain, you might see the link that I see.

Having lupus is a bit like riding on the swings, going as high as you can and then having it all slow down to nothing.  The times when you are swinging high it’s great, as things slow down you are losing some of your health to lupus.

Going fast down the slide may be thrilling, but it’s a decline.  So you have to build yourself up, get your health back by climbing up either the stairs or the slide itself.  And then once you are at the top, you enjoy the view, maybe take in the breeze and then bang, you sit on the hot metal and ride the slide down.  If it’s a good slide the decline happens fast and you don’t realize it at the time.  If the slide isn’t great, it’s a slow grabbing ride down and you are fully aware of everything that’s happening in slow motion.  (And if you were wearing shorts you burnt your legs as you got stuck to the metal.).

Ah yes the Merry-go-round; a simple thing really.  You just go around and around as fast as it goes.  But sometimes it goes too fast to let you off so you just hang on and wait for the ride to end. That, my dear readers, is a bit like the waiting and testing for lupus and lupus flares.  So maybe it’s a good thing I enjoyed the playground as a kid, it was z for my life with lupus.


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