Lupus Doesn’t Mean Laughter Leaves

I recall a childhood filled with many things, but what stands out the most is laughter.  My father was the type of man who told “dad jokes” before they were a thing.  When I was young these jokes were funny, as I got older they became groaner that still managed to get a chuckle.  My mother could not, for the life of her, tell a joke correctly and you’d end up with the punchline part way through the opening of the joke, which made for great hilarity nonetheless.

My own sense of humor may run a bit dark or towards the sarcastic flavor, but I still seem to find reasons to laugh.  Sometimes I’m laughing at myself, the hopeless predicaments I end up with when lupus is really flaring.  Sometimes I’m laughing at something the four-footed wonder has done.

The fact is, I laugh a few times a day.  Every day.  I cannot imagine life without laughter. And evidently my doctor agrees with me.  Laughter, according to his reports, goes a long in managing the stress and other impacts of chronic illness.  Unfortunately he cannot, nor can any other Doctor, actually prescribe laughter.

It is up to the patients, the warriors, the ones the frontline to find things to laugh about or at.  Today’s laughs were courtesy of lupus combined with my four-footed companion.  You see sometimes lupus makes me exceedingly clumsy.  Add a small, agile and highly impatient dog into the mix and great hilarity ensues.

Lupus, dear friends, does not mean the end of laughter.  All you have to do look beyond the condition and face life ready to laugh.  Trust me, I know from experience.


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