Days Like Today It Is On The Wind

There is nothing like the tang of salt in the air from the ocean.  On windy days like today, the sea air is brought to us without having to hit the beach.  And on windy days like today, the sea birds don’t seem to be as talkative, perhaps it takes more concentration to just stay in flight during these days.  Since I don’t fly, at least not like the birds do, I’m not really sure if it’s harder to talk and fly in the wind or not.

The four-footed one doesn’t like the strong winds that kicked up today, although she seemed intrigued to smell the salty air without going to the beach.  It mingled with the scent of the juniper and cedar not to mention the flowers popping up everywhere.  She rolled around in the grass, her wee nose twitching so quickly I thought it would fall off.  Then she would suddenly pop up and go running around the garden again to follow a new smell, until she was distracted once more.

The sea air even fills the house on days like today when you open the windows.  It’s as if you are living on the beach without the sand getting everywhere!  Days like today remind me how special it is to live so close to the water without being right on it.  It is the  of everything because I can enjoy the salt air when it comes without taking it for granted because it’s  always there.


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