Woeful Wonton Surprise

You know those lovely cooking books and recipe pages in magazines, the ones that make things look so good you get hungry just glancing at the pages?  They are nothing but a lie, or a tease.  I’m serious friends.  If nothing else they omit steps or something because I swear I’ve yet to create anything even close to those pictures.  (How many of you are silently nodding your heads as you read that?  And if you can pull out that recipe to perfection then friends you are magicians!)

My latest disaster in the kitchen just happened to involve wonton wrappers (store-bought because let’s face it that’s not my skill) a muffin cup, some oil and spiced meat.  The picture looked invent and delightful.  The kind of food you could easily eat with your fingers with no fuss, no mess.

Determined to get at least close to the picture this time I very carefully followed every step.  Stirred the meat as directed and hoped the wild hope that I would be close.  What I was close to is creating a good relationship with the dry cleaner.  The wontons crisped then got a bit soggy.  They refused to be cute little cups to hold the spiced meat.  Instead they promised to dump their contents as soon as someone was bold enough to try one.

I’m not really blessed at kitchen skills, but I’m blessed with friends who gamely try each disaster and provide feedback in a gentle and encouraging way.  Then they head out and probably by some amazing food at a restaurant or takeaway.  Because sometimes you need to hit the dry cleaner sooner rather than later. Especially when crispy looking wonton cups fool you and play surprise with a meat filling.



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