Shaking It All Around

I am a pro at making scrambled eggs.  If you need anything mixed together, I’m your girl, provided you don’t mind how I mix it together.  I mean if you insist on having a martini stirred and not shaken, the you better get on that on your own. Shaking, twitching and tremors are all my methods of mixing things up.  😉

Of course there are times when I’d rather have a steady hand, such as carrying coffee or trying to eat.  Unless it is eating with chopsticks, then I don’t mind the shaking in my hands because I’m just awful using chopsticks and at least I can use my tremors as a reason why I drop more food than I pick up when using them! 😊  And I confess, when Taylor Swift’s Shake It plays I feel like she’s singing it just for me.  Granted I don’t think this is the shaking she is singing about, but I will work with what I got!

I’m not sure if I developed the shaking and the tremors from my illness or the medications used to control the illness. And the fact is, even if I knew what created it, I’d still have to deal with the tremors.  So as long as you don’t mind the odd slosh or flying droplet, come on over and see what’s shaking today!


3 thoughts on “Shaking It All Around

  1. You write well even with all that shaking and it’s a nice thing because we get to read such amazing posts everyday.
    You told me last time about your illness and I searched about it a bit, abandoning it when I saw so many medical terms. I won’t know how you must be feeling and even if I do, I won’t understand. But you seem like a very strong person, and a very nice one too.I am very scared of doctors and I wonder how you go about everyday. I don’t pity you; I admire you because you are so strong and because you write such beautiful yet simple posts. I hope I didn’t offend you but I had to say what I did.
    And yes, you aren’t the only one who has trouble using chopsticks 😉.

    • Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think. Also thank you for looking into lupus, it’s a bit complicated! Like yourself I’m not a fan of doctors, but I look at it like this, if I go and visit them then they won’t be bored! 😉
      For the f cord, I’m not offended in the least, I’m honoured any time someone takes the time to read my work! Thank you for that!

  2. I believe you have noted some very interesting points,
    thank you for the post.

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