Stained With Lupus

I love the way light plays across stained glass.  There is something utterly inspiring about how it never looks exactly the same and yet the overall look is not compromised.  I have been known to seek out churches and such just to capture these works of arts.

Today while I was in between medical appointments I stopped off at a small chapel in the hospital  to look at the stained glass.  I hadn’t been in the chapel before and I was pleasantly surprised by the window I discovered.  It looked sparkled and gleamed like brilliant jewels in the sun.  The entire window consisted of various shades of purple.

purple, one of the colors for lupus.  Lupus was why I was at the hospital for medical appointments.  And just as the window was created in a variety of shades, lupus too behaves in various degrees.  Some days are mild lupus days and others are deep and darker, making me wonder why I ever thought lupus might be mild. And like that stained glass window, how lupus behaves varies based on triggers rather than the angle of the sun.

Lupus is as intricate as the design built from small pieces of glass and lead.  And depending upon how your day is going, lupus can have hidden surprises and moments of beauty.  For me the moments of beauty with lupus comes from how lupus forces me to slow down and simply observe the wonders that are all around us.  That’s the reality of being stained with lupus.  You might be very ill and feel truly dreadful, but lupus also provides the means to simply be and take things as they come.


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