A Landfall Of Lemons or Lemonade Lupus Style

Some days are made for lemonade. Or maybe it’s that some days you just keep getting handed lemons no matter where you turn. If you are like me, you have to do something with the lemons, so a quick fix is to make lemonade.

These past few weeks I have made more than my fair share of lemonade or so it seems. I have made lemonade to be consumed immediately. I have made lemonade to be frozen and still friends I have lemons left over. The fact of the matter is, if I’m not careful, lemonade may soon be flowing from the taps in the house.

Now I suppose I could simply stop making the lemonade and try to toss the lemons back to the universe, but I wasn’t raised that way. And to be honest I hate to throw something that might in fact turn out to be a gift away before I realize what I really happen to have. You never know when you may be handed a lucky lemon after all. (Not that I have ever been given one, and for the record, not that I’m even certain said thing really exists, but it’s the thought right?)

So I sit here with yet another day’s collection of lemons, no desire to make more lemonade or let the lemons go to waste and I decide to take the bitterness and/or sourness that the universe has provided to me and turn it into something different, but still sweet. Baked lemon donuts are now on the menu, as are lemon-blueberry muffins and very possibly a lemon tart or pie. If enough free lemons come my way I may just be able to start a lemon business!

Of course if those lemons were purple then I’d be onto something different, my lemonade from lupus side of things. The fact that a lot of the newly given lemons are related to my lupus is just part of the package when it comes to lupus. The trick is to find ways to use what you are given, or have taken away in some cases, to reinvent into something new or positive. So while right now things aren’t really great, I will smile and chat with you over some lovely lemonade and lemon baked goods. Whenever you need to stop by, I’m pretty sure I can either whip something up or pull something out of the freezer, so don’t be a stranger. And remember out of ever bitter lemon comes the opportunity for something sweet and wonderful.


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