He Loved Her

He loved her so much that he couldn’t stand the thought of being away from her. His love meant that he had to know what her schedule for every moment of the day although he didn’t feel that he needed to share his schedule with her. His love made him entitled to know who she was spending her time with, this included knowing her co-workers. Because he loved her so much he wanted to make sure she wasn’t being influenced by negative or “bad” people. This love of his let him pick who she should spend time with just as it let him show her that her own friends weren’t good for her.

He loved her so much that he would do anything to prevent her from making a mistake. This included him using his fists upon her body as a means of a deterrent. He always, but always, said he was sorry afterwards. He was sorry that she didn’t or couldn’t listen to him when he knew what was best for her. He was so sorry that she forced him to go to extreme lengths to keep her safe. His love caused him to hurt himself at times by hurting her. The physical beating she took was surely not nearly as painful as the internal pain he went through when he was forced, by love, to beat her into submission.

He loved her so much that he couldn’t stand the thought of her having a life without him. And it was the act of ultimate love when he shot her or stabbed her to death. And this love surely is what drove him to then take his own life too, for what would his life be like without the love of his life in it? Or so that’s how the story goes.

The reality is no matter how you try to pretty it up, not even the best make-up artist or stylist can hide the horror of domestic violence. And if you think it the same scenario as above couldn’t be altered that the abuser was a female you’d be sadly mistaken. Domestic abuse comes in many different forms and it isn’t always obvious to see what happens behind closed doors or drawn shades.

It’s hard to explain why people stay with their abusers. Love is part of it for some. Just as fear is a factor for others. Sometimes your abuser does an excellent job of telling you things in such a way that you cannot help but believe what s/he says to be true. Some may believe they deserve exactly what they are receiving. For some, at the drawn out end, the death is just a matter of when or by what means it will be carried out.

It’s a sad day my friends when the newscasters can tell us of these murder-suicides before handing it over to the weather person or breaking for a commercial and none of us are fazed by this; nothing more than an unfortunate yet somewhat routine story. But at least he loved her enough to love her to death right?


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