Discoveries And Lessons From A Natural Teacher

A most wonderful discovery has happened in my very own yard.  A discovery, dear friends, that is beyond amazing.  You may want to sit down for this, unless you are the type of person who takes exciting news standing up.  (I really need to work on getting to know you better so I can address things accordingly.  I promise to work on this in the future.)

Anyway back to my news which is basically worthy of television crews and what have you being present.  I mean it is earth shattering, or at least mud cracking news.  The kind of news that makes you stop and smile.

You see the most fantastic thing which was discovered in my yard today just happened to be beautiful tiny purple flowers coming from a plant I thought wouldn’t survive.  You see this plant had to deal with my black thumb, and my four-footed companion who just happens to enjoy using the plant as a resting spot and a chew toy.  I had honestly thought that after the greenery came up and the four-footed one started her routine of sitting, sleeping and chewing on the plant that all was lost.

Nature, however has a way of surprising us and showing us that despite obstacles we can still come through to see our vision or dream come to fruition.  Hope is never lost until we decide to lose it.

There are lessons in my discovery; for some of us that may be that no matter how delicate or fragile we think we are, we are strong enough to face this world. For others of us it is a lesson of perseverance and never giving up even when others give up on us.    Still others will find a lesson in the power and awe of nature.  For me it is a reminder that no matter how hard things are, no matter how tough lupus makes my life, there are still amazing things to come.



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