Natural Gifts

It was written in his eyes, the pure look of love and affection.  He leaned in against me, his solid body feeling reassuring and warm.  Without saying a word he let me know he was there for me.  Jack is as dependable as he is loyal.

If I needed any more confirmation that he cared about me, all I had to do was note how today he opted to stay near me while I was resting.  He chose to stay inside rather than sitting quietly rather than heading outside for a nice, long walk.  Normally Jack loves taking time for himself by going for a long walk, especially when the weather is just right.  Today the weather was just right for that kind of walk.  And Jack chose to stay inside with me instead.

And if I needed concrete proof about Jack, all I really had to do was look at how wagging tail or feel his warm, wet tongue as he runs it over my hand.  He didn’t even care that my four-footed, trusty side-kick wasn’t sure about his presence.  He seemed to know he was safe, needed and loved.  And he trusted his new owner, my friend, when she left him with me while she went to go do some shopping for me.

There is nothing like the way a dog, no matter how old or what sort of life it has had, can forgive and love humans.  And in time my own four-footed companion will become as sure about Jack as I am.  Unconditional love and acceptance are truly the most beautiful gifts in life.


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