What Do You Think

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do anything, and I mean anything, to have it? I confess to thinking about things like that, but I’ve never actually wanted to own any single thing so much that I would do whatever was necessary to acquire it in reality. I’d like to think it’s because I have limits, or control or something of that nature. It’s probably not the case, but I like to think that way anyway.

You may be wondering what has prompted such a strange set of ramblings from me this time and heaven knows if you’ve been following along on this ride for the duration there have been plenty of odd ramblings to consider. You see I came across an article about someone wanting something so much that s/he went out to acquire it only to be denied that very item which s/he so desperately sought and the outcome was, well, not what I would have expected.

First let me say that I have no idea what I would honestly do if confronted with the same thing, but I can say I wouldn’t react in the same way if I was after the same item that was denied to me. You see in this article the person wanted a package of M&Ms. Not a huge, pie-in-the-sky kind of item at all. Just some candy thank you all the same. So the person picked up a package of the desired candy and went to pay for it. And here is where things quickly change.

The cashier rung the candy, the person dug out a debit card to make the purchase. This is all normal right? And…the debit card came back indicating an error. According to the article the person tried once more, discovered it was a case of not sufficient funds and became frustrated. Frustrated enough to hit the clerk, lash out at the cash register (I’m somehow thinking this hurt the person more than that machine) and finally follow the whole thing up by grabbing bananas to toss at the clerk before making a getaway. All told the clerk was assaulted and there was over $700.00 USD in damages. And the person was still without his candies.

I can honestly say, at least as an adult because I don’t really remember those moments in my childhood, I have never wanted a package of candies or such enough to carry out any of that. Of course I have also been fortunate enough to not see a package of candies as a huge splurge either. For all I know this person just wanted one little bit of luxury in his/her lift and even that was unobtainable. I can understand being upset over that. I can even understand being embarrassed if I didn’t have the money in my bank account to pay for it and there were other people present to witness this. I can’t say I’d take it out on the innocent clerk, the poor machines or bananas that had nothing to do with it in the first place. It just doesn’t seem like something that I would be likely to do and maybe, just maybe, that is because I have never really wanted something bad enough. Or perhaps because that’s just not the way I react and for all I know there may be reasons why this individual reacted so strongly (not that I’m saying it’s appropriate to behave that way because it’s never acceptable to strike out at another person) that goes well beyond not being able to afford the treat.

How people judged the person who got upset, how you may have judged the person who was upset may be different from how I see it. A few years ago I probably would have judged the person as being childish, irresponsible and so forth. Now, well now I wonder what happened to the person to bring him/her to this point. I wonder if there was some sort of health reason that caused him/her to respond as s/he did.

I also wonder about us as a society, if something has changed so much that these types of reactions are deemed somewhat a part of the times. If that’s the case then I worry about us and what we may have lost in our journey as humans.


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