Confidently Unique or Yep That’s My Dog

Some people have normal dogs; you know the kind that greets you with huge tail wags and a happy bark when you come in the house. Other people have normal dogs that greet you with a more authoritative bark and a very protective stance of the property. And then, well then there is my dog. It isn’t that she’s abnormal as per say, she’s just rather unusual in her displays of, well, everything.

To be honest, when you live with it all the time you don’t even notice it, and it probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind except a visitor made a comment that stuck with me when she was departing my house last night. You see my little darling greeted our visitor with a happy dance, carried out by standing only on her hind legs while bouncing around. This happy dance is combined with a whole body wag which is really why she bounces around so much when she’s standing on her hind legs. There was, as always some barking and what we call singing. Her singing is basically where she makes a noise like awip in a soft, almost whispery pitch. (Of course she can also carry out this singing for long periods of time at different pitches, such as the middle of the night when all you really want to do is sleep.)

When you go to leave our house, the four-footed one must accompany you to a certain point where upon she does two somersaults, a quick jump up (she gets good air by the way) before settling into a modified downward dog (the only difference in her downward dog is that she is able to tuck her front legs up against her chest and then put her chest/legs flat on the floor with her head turned to one side also flat on the floor).

While you are visiting you are bound to find carrying out somersaults and turning her bed upside down so she can hide under it. Of course if she likes you she will claim your feet as her new favorite place to curl up and have a rest. That’s right, she will curl up into a little ball and fall asleep right on your feet, until you make the slightest movement, then she’s up like a rocket that must dash around the room several times before she finds another set of feet to settle upon. (We were afraid she would become a lap dog, so we were relieved when that did not happen, but a foot dog?)

So as the my four-footed wonder was in her “goodbye” position, our visitor asked me how long it took to train the dog to do those tricks and why had we taught her the tricks in the first place. The truth is, we never taught her any of this. It is her normal self, out for the entire world to see and not a shred of embarrassment or fear of being judged. And frankly I love that she is able to do this. So no, your typical dog displaying typical dog behavior she is definitely not, but she keeps us entertained and we love her dearly.


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