A Story Of Sorts or Lupus As A Villian

Once upon a time, in a place probably not too far away, there lived a girl who was full of life and energy. She was a decent student, a good friend, a cheerleader and carefree. She was happy with her life, riding the adventure of university and all the endless possibilities that stretched out before her.

One day the girl woke up feeling rotten the way you do with the flu. She brushed the flu symptoms off to the side, pulled herself out of bed, got ready and went to her classes, still feeling horrible, but knowing it was only the flu. Only this flu seemed to want to stick around so after weeks of feeling run down, tired and achy, the girl went to see a doctor.

At first the doctor thought that the girl was feeling the effects of stress from a heavy academic course load combined with an active life. He told her it wasn’t anything to worry about, but if she still felt the same way the following week she needed to come back. He suggested that she scale back some of her commitments and rest that was probably all she really needed. Except she had already scaled back most of her commitments and was at a point of missing classes now and she still did not feel any better.

The following week the doctor ordered some blood work and thus began the girl’s adventure down a rabbit hole that didn’t have the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts. In this rabbit hole the only villain was known as Lupus. And while lupus may not have demanded to cut off the girl’s head Lupus made other demands instead.

Demands that included dropping out of the faculty she loved dearly, giving up on a career in a field that captured her heart. Lupus forced her to stop cheerleading and forced her to slow down everything that she did. Despite paying these high prices, Lupus would not let the girl go. Instead Lupus tortured her by attacking her kidneys and liver, threatening her heart a few times and forcing her to stay in hospitals more than she’d have liked.

Despite Lupus, the girl graduated with a degree and got on with her life, granted not the one she had thought she would have, but still full of love, friendship and purpose. To this day Lupus still is a villain in her life; Lupus still makes demands and dictates aspects of her life. How do I know? Because that girl is me and there are days I still feel as if I’m falling into the rabbit hole, but if I can grab ahold of something, anything, I can prevent myself from landing in it.


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