Taxes, Change And Death

Nothing is certain, save death and taxes someone once said. Although depending upon who you are and how much money you have saved up you may just be able to avoid paying your taxes. No one has of yet, managed to avoid the whole death thing. Some people have successfully put it off through various means, but it isn’t something we can fully avoid.

Everything else is pretty much up in the air. This includes things from which school you go to or if you go to one all the way to whether or not you marry and stay married. Children become another big question mark, they may happen and then again they may not be meant for you. Where we work, if we stay working for the same company or if we take casual labor, well that’s all dependent upon circumstances and luck.

You could see several different fortune tellers and still come nowhere near the mark of what you live day-to-day. You could do all the right things, at the right time and still somehow be off the list you wanted to be on. And the thing is, really, when you get down to it very little of it matters in the big picture. Working? We all want a job that provides us with meaning and fulfillment, but if we can’t find that something that will cover the bills for now will be okay. Or we alter how we live.

I’m not saying it’s always pleasant and when things happen or don’t happen it will be like water off a duck’s back. That’s not at all what I’m saying. But at the end of the day, when you can have your basic needs met and be able to share your life in a positive way, than you really are doing okay.

Very few people even have a few of their dreams come true. Because what we dreamt of when we were young is very different from what we dream of as we get older. We are constantly refining and reshaping what it is that we want/need/desire and that’s okay. What we do or don’t do with our lives is up to us and we do not have to justify it really to anyone else as long as we as individuals are okay with the choices that we make for ourselves.

I guess whoever said the only thing you can count on is death and taxes forgot one tiny little thing…change. Nothing stays static does it? Everything is constantly in some state of flow or flux so change too is as certain as death and perhaps more so than taxes. And with change come new opportunities, new chances and a whole new library of books to research or things to learn. Few of us can see that when change is happening in our lives. Instead we focus on getting through it because very few of us manage change well. We like to hold onto that which we know and understand rather than diving into the uncertainty of life, but if we don’t then when death comes, have we really lived as fully as we could?


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