Going Out…If My Mind

I must be a bit out of my mind; there is simply no other reason for it and it is of course me agreeing to look up at the evening sky in the middle of nowhere for the whole night. Middle of nowhere my friends means no indoor plumbing, no hot water, and no creature comforts of indoors. Just the creatures from the great outdoors, no doubt a little upset that you have invaded their space.

To set this up for you, earlier today a rather frantic text made its way across my phone. This frantic text read: April 11th full moon & other sights u in. That was the extent of the text; followed by: need to know ASAP. And that was it, someone waiting for an almost immediate yes or no decision. What’s a girl to do? I like the mysteries of the moon. I love the evening sky and how dark it is, yet how soft it appears. And all those amazing sights just waiting for us to see them. So of course I said yes.

It was hours later that I got the rest of the message in an email, which in part read, “meet me at the science hall at 1700 and we will make our way out to the place. Bring sensible shoes, have a jacket and maybe a sweater, viewing equipment, bug spray, a chair if you want for comfort. Jack will be cooking up hotdogs (umm no thank you) and marshmallows (yes please) and there will be lots of bottles of water.” Okay…so wait. This whole watching the night sky sounded like things were about to get more…outdoorsy. Sensible shoes and a jacket plus maybe a sweater, this sounds definitely outdoorsy. Bug spray, too outdoors for me. And free bottles of water just means that which goes in must come out at some point so of course I had to mention this in a reply back. I was informed there were portable facilities, all very rustic. (Gulp!)

Still there is time to say sorry, I misunderstood. Sorry I’m allergic to bugs, or rustic portable facilities and therefore will have to rescind my yes. Or do I suck it up and tough out the bugs, the smelly, awful portable facilities and hope that the evening sky out in the middle of nowhere more than makes up for it? I should have asked questions first, that’s what I normally do so you see, and I may in fact have been a bit out of my right mind when I said yes. Or am I overreacting?


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