Nature’s Art

I missed the sunrise today.  Not as in it didn’t happen, but I completely missed it.  I wasn’t tucked away somewhere in a space with no windows.  I just flat-out missed it.  It happened and I wasn’t there to see it.

I’m always up before the sun creeps up.  At the very least just as the pale rays of early dawn cross the sky I end up waking up.  I love the silence, gentle and still at this time.  When the weather permits I take a cup of coffee with me and watch the whole thing unfold.  No two are ever exactly the same.

Each sunrise is a work of art, some are painted with brilliant, bold swaths bathing the clouds.  Others are more subtle, gentle hues that slowly dance across the sky.  Some are muffled by the clouds, the light seeming to splash golden hues across their edges.  Some have birds skimming through the colors and some are shy and would prefer to stay hidden away.

And I missed this morning’s which is a shame because you can’t get those back.  And least the sunsets be offended, I enjoy them as well as don’t miss them either.  And I haven’t slept through those.  Sadly I slept through this morning’s sunrise, but I did catch  the sunset.


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