Stepping It

I never get in enough steps during my day. I know, the answer to walk more, but it doesn’t always work that way in reality. Some days require less walking for a variety of reasons up to and including lupus. Some days I walk to every place I need to go and came back by foot as well and still my steps do not add up to the magical number set out for me.

I once thought about hiking the Appalachian Trail, but it never went further than the thought because do the trip would require camping. Camping, for some strange reason, has a number of requisites that I am not a fan of, such as the lack of running hot water; the lack of indoor facilities and plumbing; an insanely high exposure and therefore interactions of bugs. So it never became more than a thought, although if I had hiked the AT I would have more than reached the number of steps required every day. Granted I’d probably have been miserable the whole time and thus likely to quit before I reached the end of the trail, but hey, I would have had my steps in! 🙂

Someone suggested just walking around the room more, not because I need anything, but as a way to get the steps in. I suppose I could do that at times, but frankly that’s highly unlikely because the room bores. The weather isn’t always ideal for walking in either and some of the steps I take outside are dependent upon the four-footed one and how far she is likely to travel.

Now if the steps I take when I’m reading count, then I would be well over my required number. In each book wherever the character is going, I seem to travel with them. Currently what I am reading is a historical account of a family moving westward for better land and opportunities. They walk a lot. Every day, no matter the weather or how they are feeling, they walk. They’ve walked on water in the form of frozen rivers and creeks. They have walked up hills and down into valleys. They have climbed from one rocky place to another just to find themselves walking along a very narrow spine to get to the west. They are foot sore, hungry, exhausted and not exactly smelling like they did back in their previous place. Surely that can count as my steps right?

It’s amazing to think of how our ancestors got around, how far they would have travelled by foot without too much worry. It’s amazing to realize how hope, a dream and faith can fuel a person’s desire to the point where it’s nothing to putting one foot down in front of the other over and over again. For days on end even. Whereas I struggle just to get a measly 10,000 steps in during my day. And I remind myself that I travel further in a day for things like food etc. than the people in the book I am reading because I am not self-sufficient; add in the fact that I don’t live in the heart of the city and well it isn’t always practical to walk to places to get one’s groceries. Excuses? To a degree sure, but also to a degree a reality that many of us who live in suburbia face. So we find purposeless ways to get our steps in; some of us better than others at meeting the goal.


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