Bouncing Through Life or Dog Envy

My four-footed companion has an incredible zest for life and no matter what the situation is, to her, there is always something positive to be found. If she’s on a walk and it starts to rain she might not like the rain but she will delight in the puddles suddenly available for frolicking. If the rain should bring out the worms, well there’s a new friend to meet and play with. Granted the worm may not enjoy her version of playing which may include things like being tossed in the air or carried in her mouth, but it’s the thought that counts.

She’s not a huge fan of the vet, as in she’d just as soon avoid the place as go in, but once she is inside she’s off to meet people and basically cause as much chaos as possible in her wake. Of course the vet also has little treats so that’s the bonus of surviving that trip for her.

Yesterday she went to the groomer’s for a nice wash, a clip and a mani/pedi or whatever it is for dogs. Again this isn’t a place that she initially enjoys because they don’t let her roam around freely, but she will find the silver lining in anything. Yesterday it was sharing the sprayer with the groomer. The groomer didn’t really want to have a full on bath, but my little darling insisted that they share the water, soap being optional for the groomer apparently. (According to the groomer for no reason at all the four-footed one managed to slip out of her space, grab the sprayer and proceed to chase the groomer around with the sprayer. I’m not sure if she really did all that, but I can attest to one soaked groomer when I went to collect my zestful companion.)

And when my little four-footed wonder got home she couldn’t wait to share her new look with nature – as in she rolled in the grass, splashed in a puddle and rubbed against a few bits of shrubbery. After a brief rest she was thrilled to find the little girl who lives up the street from us out for a walk. The four-footed one was so eager to meet the little girl who is still not sure about this whole walking thing that she was literally bouncing the joy. When she finally met the little girl, she immediately showed her affection and offered to share her favorite ball with the child. Thankfully the whole meeting and playing went well and the child’s mother was easy going.

I wonder if I can bottle up some of that zest and optimism for days when I need it because I haven’t found the magic to always finding the silver lining with the daily grind. Maybe if I find a worm or two to play with…


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