Second Thoughts or How To Have It All

I think I may have fought a little too hard for my independence as a child. Perhaps, on my own terms mind you, I can give up some of today’s independence and let someone else take care of the putting fuel in the car. It isn’t that I am unable to fuel up the car; it’s that today I’d rather not do that. Come to think of it, I’d like to ride on someone’s shoulders for a little bit as well thanks because I picked out my own shoes today. These shoes weren’t the best choice for lots of “off road” walking. By “off road” walking I mean walking in what amounts to a huge gravel pit with the smallest pieces of gravel being just perfect for twisting an unsuspecting ankle.

Oh and since I’m giving up some other bits of independence, I’d like to have someone else prepare the meals (I still get to complain about the food though) and do all the clean up afterwards. I could use some down time also known as play time, although my definition of play has changed, but don’t let that stop you from stepping in! 😊

There’s also a mountain of laundry that needs seeing to before it threatens to topple over into the dreaded laundry avalanche of 2017. We are trying to avoid that, and by we I mean whoever happens to take over the responsibility thing for that because I’m giving that up too! 😊  You see it’s very important that I watch the clouds move across the sky, oh and figure out where the ants go when they head for their dirt houses. I also need some time to contemplate what might be in the cupboards that are too high up for me to reach without a chair. (I honestly cannot remember what I put up there because needing the whole chair thing is a bit of a drag, both literally and figuratively. I’m not really complaining about the cupboards though because they are idea for storage of things I don’t really need. However the fact is I could have priceless artifacts up there and I just don’t know, but I seriously doubt it.)

Of course this giving up of independence should not result in me having to stop changing “me do” everything something looks like it might be a) fun or b) make a spectacular mess. I fully expect you to comply with some of the “me do” demands, but I’m not responsible for any of the cleanup. It should always be fun for me, fun and able to fulfill my curiosity. Oh and don’t be surprised if I have the odd meltdown because I’m struggling with this whole dependent/independent thing. All meltdowns can be averted by plying me with coffee and more fun! 😊

Can you tell I’ve spent some time with a toddler recently? Honestly why was I in such a hurry to grow up? Why did my parents insist on making this whole being an adult thing look like fun? It’s pretty much more work and less fun and nap time then I wanted. So yes I’m throwing in the towel of independence, but on my terms only because after all I am an adult so I can choose what I want!


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