Within The Hues or Sampling Nature

My four-footed companion and I were sitting outside watching a rather rotund mag-pie cavorting in the sunshine.  I was watching the light play upon the bird’s feather as it went about whatever business it was doing and my companion was debating if she should join in with whatever it was the bird was doing.

Actually she was probably trying to work out a way to get out of my grasp and chase the bird away so she could have a look at whatever the bird was pecking at. Prior to our encounter with the bird, my companion had managed to consume a few ants, tasted a beetle (that got spat out after a quick roll around her mouth) and sampled some of the leaves off the ground.  From her perspective I’m pretty sure she considers our outings to really be all you can sample buffets.  From my perspective, well let’s just say I keep hoping she will grow out of this phase if I expose to to nature enough.  I may have to admit defeat.

The thing about the mag-pie is that from a distance the bird is two colors, black and white.  Very straightforward and simple in color scheme, yet in the sunlight the black has hues of blues and green which serve as an excellent reminder that nothing is as simple as it appears; life is never as black and white as people want, rather we live within the hues of nature.


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