Perfume And The Indoor Whirlwind or Flowers And Puppy

The lovely, heavy perfume of flowers has come to fill the house again.  The four-footed one has decided the best way to enjoy al the different flowers and their perfume is to run around the house, from room to room.  This way she can enjoy all the smells in short bursts.  Of course she has excessive energy to burn off and lives within each moment and only that moment when it is current.

These flowers are part of a group which survived her “hatching” techniques a short time ago.  And by “hatching” I mean when they were just tender green splashes poking out of the ground she felt the urge to rest upon them.  They seemed to have survived her techniques as well as her attempts at imitating bumblebees.

The sheer number of flowers making an appearance this year has resulted in early cutting and filling of vases in the house.  Which has resulted in the mad dashing about from room to room to enjoy the scent.  It is as if I have a wee whirlwind in the house helping to waft the perfume in her wake.  😊  It’s safer then allowing her to run from flower to flower outside, and a little cleaner as well.  It keeps out of the mud and stops her from trampling over the helpless flowers!


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