Privacy, Protection Or Something

Would you share your internet browsing habits with a group of strangers? Does it matter if people have access to how you spend your time online? I guess it depends on how you view things. People will cite the protection of the collective or the greater good must take precedence over the individual’s right to privacy, such as the case with child exploitation and such. Does that change when you discover that it’s any third party that wants your data and your internet provide decides to share that with them?

For the record my internet browsing habits are pretty boring and certainly nothing that I feel the need to keep private due to feelings of shame or embarrassment. At the same time what I do within the confines of the privacy afforded to me in my house is also sacred to me. It is the last haven for my privacy. And according to the government I could lose that too because there is a need for the greater good to have access to what I view online. Really I suspect it’s more about targeted advertising. And I’m sure that at some level, someone will tell me I just don’t realize how important this is to me; to have advertising customized or targeted towards my habits is flattering.

Except having advertising and such targeted towards me, which let’s face it already happens to some degree online, is not flattery, it’s just down right creepy. Of course I’m of a certain age, an age where not everything I do is immediately updated on social media so it may just be an age thing. Of course I’m also of the age that if houses in my neighborhood are being robbed, I’m calling the authorities first; I hear that these days the appropriate response is to send a tweet or update your Facebook page first. It seems like a natural response to anyone who spends the bulk of their time on social media, especially now that social media allows for authorities to act upon those posts or tweets.

For the record, I’m also of a certain age, or maybe it’s just a point in my life, where I want to eat my food while it’s fresh and hot; not after I’ve taken a million pictures and posted the best of those online.

So maybe it’s just people of a certain age, or a certain place in their lives that resent having more of their privacy stripped away. In the name of safety, the greater good, customized advertising or whatever else it will be called. And yes, I reckon that because I’ve posted this, I will be considered cranky and old by some for surely only those of us at this age or place in life would dare complain about such things


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