Spring Training Of Sorts

The four-footed one has discovered the joys of spring, since we are just now coming upon her first birthday it occurred to me that she hasn’t experienced this before. Those small signs, when the bugs aren’t too large, but there seems to be a sudden infestation every few feet. The bees just starting to find swarm for a new place to set up a hive, which means swarms of lovely noisy things that surely must be bitten, at least I suspect that’s how she sees things.

Mud is an old friend, a dear one that she is very intimately reacquainting herself with, by rolling in the thick, sticky variety. And in the mud are all those tender green plants which must be sat on or chewed upon or at the very least tugged out of the earth. (There is a part of me that wonders how nature copes with the curiosity of the young chewing, rolling and basically destroying so much new growth that surely everything decides why bother, but of course it does bother so we still have green and flowers and such.)

Probably the most exciting, or frightening discovery she has made is bunnies. Baby bunnies left alone while their mother goes off in search of whatever it is that mommy bunnies go in search of. Sadly the four-footed one wanted to play with the couple of babies she stumbled across while looking for some nice sticky mud to roll in. Sadly because play for the four-footed one is not always gentle and the best way to get someone to play is to pounce on them. So you can gently nibble on anything that happens to not be tucked away safely. (To date the only animal/person which has walked away from play attempt completely unmouthed was an unsuspecting tortoise.)

Now for the record the mud frustrates me simply because it means bath-time which means really why not wash out the whole house since that’s what needs to happen during bath-time anyway. But what made the discovery of spring less exciting was realizing that for the first time the four-footed one would be in a position where she could actually harm innocent bunnies if left to her own devices. (Again how can nature let something like that happen to such cute little critters?) So we must learn to look with our eyes only, which really means it’s training time and training time means I’m the one back in training. Springs training this go around.


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