A Tea For That

A thin, completely breakable China cup of tea was pressed into my hands.  A plate of scones was expertly moved across the table towards the chair I had just moments earlier collapsed after making it home.  Tea is Beloved’s answer to everything.  You get bad news?  There’s a tea for that.  A need to celebrate?  He’s got you covered with just the right brew.  The man has a tea for every emotion you could be facing.

Scones, while not mandatory, are added comfort offered when required.  And yes, when he’s around there are always scones just made, in the midst of being made or stored for freshness.  I suspect he uses the scones to gauge how bad the news is…he worse the news is the least likely I am to eat a scone.  At the same time I know he will make scones to toss in the freezer when he needs the therapy.  Yep Beloved bakes for therapy now and then.

It’s funny how no matter how often you receive bad news, or deal with the darker sides of humanity, you still never get used to it.  And so the tea keeps coming while the specialists still try to sort out the latest results.  Sometimes, after these appointments, Beloved shows up with the tea in a thermos and the scones in a container.  Because sometimes, according to Beloved, the specialists need the comfort as much as the patients.

But on this day he had not come with me nor did he show up after the appointment.  I came home to scones and a whistling kettle.  Because on this day we already knew that the news would not be cheerful.  It was just a matter of degrees really, kind of like how you take your tea–degrees of temperature and sweetness.  

Typically I’m used to the roller coaster that is lupus.  But now and then after an amazing climb the sudden rush down is not what I was expecting.   This is when Beloved and his tea comes into play.  Not that I’m much of a tea drinker, but because there is comfort in his rituals of comfort.  There is routine in his methods, and sometimes that’s enough to stay on the roller coaster known as lupus.  Shame he can’t find a tea to deal with lupus for once and for all.


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