Of Ties And Wishes

Beloved’s favorite tie acted as a bib the other day.  A temporary bib, completely unintended, but a bib nonetheless.  It’s a honorable stain, the one that now mars his tie for you see it saved his new white shirt.  It might not be his favorite shirt, but it was pristine white.  And it still is.  As for the tie, it is at the laundry service, where they have assured me they can handle the stain.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything that marred our lives could be washed clean in some magical solution?  I can see myself pulling up to the cleaning service, feeling just awful and knowing that I would be leaving the place feeling wonderful.  I could wash arthritis out of my joints.  I could get the pain scrubbed from my body.  Heck they’d steam lupus right out of my blood, press my painful body back into shape and I’d be like new.  And I’m not ashamed to say that I’d take myself to this place to remove my illness from my body.  And I’d personally drive other people to this magical place where they just get rid of these horrible diseases.

Oh sure there would be other things that I could have removed from my life too, like the way I enjoy food and it in turn enjoys me far too much.  A little steam, a press and viola the trace of eating rich food is gone.  Beloved says he’d use it to erase a few scars  too and perhaps just a subtle steaming of his wrinkled to lessen them a hair.  Of course this place doesn’t exist and while plastic surgery, cosmetic work can remove some of what I’ve just said.  But there is nothing, absolutely nothing that exists right now to remove these illnesses.  Instead we find ways to cope and navigate our lives with these illnesses.  But maybe someday we won’t have to manage our symptoms and illnesse because there will be a way to remove them just like the laundry service has a way of removing Beloved’s stain off his favorite tie.

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