When They Say…It Really Means…

My mother took a lot of baths while I was growing up; a lot of long baths to be exact. My father once told me that he wasn’t sure it was humanly possible for someone to have a two-hour bath the way my mother did. These weren’t the “getting clean” types of baths any more than they were the types of baths that let you play with your toys for a bit before the whole getting clean nonsense happened. Oh no, not these baths. These required perfect water temperature, special smelling soap or bubbles and a great big, thick book to accompany her during this special, ritualized bathing.

My father swore that she put her special soap and water in the tub and then simply soaked her feet while she hid away from us. I suspect he was annoyed that two could play the game of getting away from the constantly questioning offspring they ended up with. My father would have moments where he was busy doing work that would result in dangerous flying projectiles. These moments sometimes lasted hours and were always accompanied by the sound of his saw running or the grinder spinning. I have no clue to this day what he did because there was never that much wood in the house nor were there that many things requiring his electric grinder.

In keeping up with the lovely trend of finding “excuses” to hide away from someone, Beloved will be occasionally be rather busy tending to his beard. Because you know that can take hours given that his beard is kept closely trimmed and isn’t thick enough to hide a small forest’s worth of animals in it. So you can see how a girl like me might, if she didn’t know any better, take it personally. All these reasons for people hiding themselves away from me ring somewhat false.

Of course when I am off doing research or requiring some time alone to either read or plan out lessons, it’s completely different from his need to tend to his beard. It isn’t that I’m trying to get away from Beloved; it’s just a requirement for work. You see the difference don’t you? Oh sorry did I just out your bath ritual? 😉


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