This Little Piggie Went To Worship…or How Beloved Shops

It appears that the Little Piggie who went to market came home with Beloved, in the form of bacon.  I hope the Little Piggie wasn’t crying before he got turned into bacon.  Poor Little Piggie.

Now he is his snapping and crackling in a pan, going from being the Little Piggie who went to market to the Little Piggie who came home with Beloved to now becoming the Little Piggie who is becoming crispy bacon in the pan.  I know it sounds awful from the poor little fellow’s point of view.  But fear not, he is not just going to be consumed without a thought.  Oh no my friends he is about to become the highlight of a most sacred dish…Potato Soup.

Not every Piggie who heads to market is destined for such an honor, such a great duty.  To be the flavor enhancer of the most humble and completely sacred Potato. Only the luckiest of animals are given over to this most holy of duties. And for not friends for when Beloved makes the sacred Potato Soup, those who partake in the consumption of said soup must be made aware of the beautiful ingredients.  Each must be worshipped rightly and justly with each mouthful.  Beloved would have it no other way.  I guess you just might say that the Little Piggie didn’t so much go to market as to wait for his most faithful duty, honouring and worshipping in the church of the sacred Potato!


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